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Maintaining organization equates to "Peace of Mind."

About Me and My Dedication to Organization: 

Throughout my life, I've interacted with customers and clients, consistently discovering that people find greater happiness and tranquility in organized surroundings with minimized clutter. This clarity not only soothes the mind but also promotes the smooth flow of activities.

With over 30 years of experience, I've committed myself to organizing homes, offices, and lifestyles. As a successful Airbnb super-host for three years, I prioritized maintaining a harmonious space. Understanding the intricacies of meeting daily needs and creating serene environments without clutter is paramount.

My approach revolves around merging design and functionality. Hosting diverse personalities and skills, I've ensured everyone feels at home. It's not just about the physical space; maintaining an inviting atmosphere is equally crucial. Whether at home or the office, an organized and inviting space enhances focus and productivity when needed, while it can also provide a comfortable haven for decompression and relaxation.

My mission is to craft inviting and inspiring spaces, ensuring comfort and functionality. From organizing apartments, homes, and vacation properties to creating creative office environments, I offer practical organizing advice. My goal is to simplify your life, maintaining order so you can find calm in everyday moments and focus on what truly matters.

Compass Feng Shui: In organizing, I add the essential knowledge of energy flow and item placement. Many overlook that a space holds energy, and the arrangement of items can either create a block or promote a flow in that area. Proper placement is crucial for achieving the best possible outcome based on your goals.

7 things to know about making the most of your experience with C.U. Organized:

1. Your needs are acknowledged and respected. 
When welcoming someone into your home to tackle clutter, trust and comfort are paramount. Striking a delicate balance between organizational proficiency and empathy is crucial. In my role as your organizer, I not only possess the capability to organize effectively but also bring a compassionate and sympathetic approach to the process. It is my commitment to take the necessary time to ensure your comfort as your organizer, recognizing the personal and intimate nature of this process.

2. Your priorities are the focal point. 
It's not a matter of surrendering control but rather a collaboration with an expert to reach your objectives. If you hold sentimental attachments to specific items, address these concerns early on before finalizing any hiring decisions. A proficient organizer will assist you in navigating decisions related to sentimental belongings, ensuring that you feel at ease with the choices made throughout the process.

3. Present your space as is.
During the initial consultation, it's crucial to showcase your space in its current condition. Refrain from pre-organizing before the assessment, as doing so may impede my understanding of your unique needs. Communicate any organizational challenges or physical limitations you may have so that I can tailor the organization in a way that works best for you.

4. Create a vision for your goals to enhance the organizing project. 
Although the temptation to begin without a plan may arise, having a clear vision helps prevent feelings of overwhelm. If creating a vision may feel overwhelming, I will collaborate with you to develop one collectively. Establishing a vision stands as a pivotal initial step in attaining the desired organizational outcome.

5. This is your time, your day: 
It's recommended that you are available through some or all of the process. If you opt to dedicate your day off to working with a professional organizer, make it a priority to get a restful night's sleep. The process of sorting, arranging, and decluttering can be mentally, emotionally, and physically taxing. Adequate rest is crucial to ensure you are well-prepared for the day ahead and can actively engage in the organizational tasks.

6. Keep communication channels open during the organizing process. 
If you ever feel overwhelmed or uncertain, feel free to voice your concerns without hesitation. Aa a professional organizer, I recognize the importance of communication and value your honesty. Your input is instrumental in enabling me to better comprehend your preferences and needs.

7. The goal is to work together to create a space that you can maintain. 
We will work together to establish a space that is easily sustainable for you. While I may have my own preferences, it's crucial that the final arrangement aligns with your specific needs and habits. I will, of course, offer you expert guidance but also allow you the space to make decisions. The ultimate aim is to craft a space that mirrors your preferences and remains functional for you in the long term.

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