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Have you made many mistakes?
Are you burnt-out?
Is what you have been trying to do about it not working for you?
Do you need rest, recovery and peace of mind?

It's time for a unique approach.

I offer Quick Recovery Coaching, Therapies, Support and Courses, 
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ACIM Guided Daily Meditations

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Sessions & Courses

Wave-Send Energy Balancing & Healing

Founded by Kathleen Pleasants
Wave-Send operates on the principle of intention-setting, guiding rejuvenating energy to every facet of your being. 
Whether you're aiming to conquer physical discomfort, alleviate mental stress, or simply yearn for a moment of tranquility, 
Wave-Send has got you covered.

Unique Nutrition

Metabolic Typing Program

Are you having trouble with weight imbalances, concentration, energy, sleep, 
indigestion, short term memory loss or any kind of discomfort in your body? 
Don't blame it on the food, maybe the quality of your food, but not the food in its healthy form.
Find out why everyone has different needs.

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