Law of Attraction Fundamentals
Kathleen Pleasants
5 Books in One

Introducing "Law of Attraction Fundamentals," a powerful compilation book that will unlock the secrets to manifesting your desires and living a life filled with joy, empowerment, and abundance. This comprehensive guide brings together a wealth of knowledge on various aspects of the Law of Attraction to help you harness its transformative power in your own life.

JOY 2020 - Discover how to find more joy as you navigate your personal journey towards fulfillment and happiness. With practical tips and uplifting insights, this book will teach you how to cultivate a positive mindset, attract positivity, and create a life that you truly love.

The Blame Game - Take control of your own narrative and learn how to stop blaming others for your circumstances. Through empowering exercises and thought-provoking exercises, you will learn how to take responsibility for your own actions and shift your focus towards growth and self-improvement.

Emotions - Uncover the power of emotional mastery as you define and refine your emotions. This book provides valuable techniques and strategies to help you understand and manage your emotions effectively, empowering you to manifest your desires and create a life of alignment and authenticity.

Our Daily Play - Embrace the importance of play in your life and discover how to bring more joy, creativity, and spontaneity into your daily routine. From rekindling your inner child to incorporating playful activities into your schedule, this book offers practical suggestions to infuse your life with enthusiasm and inspiration.

Comfy Pants Chants - Additionally, "Law of Attraction Fundamentals" serves as a helpful meditation guide, providing you with soothing affirmations that will enhance your practice and fuel your manifestation journey. Immerse yourself in these daily suggestions and tap into the power of stillness and mindfulness to attract the life you truly deserve.

Whether you are new to the Law of Attraction or seeking to deepen your understanding, this compilation book will equip you with essential tools and insights to transform your life. Embrace the power of manifestation, unleash your inner potential, and start creating the life you've always dreamed of with "Law of Attraction Fundamentals."

Comes with a short meditation mp3 by Kathleen Pleasants, and a music mp3 composed by her daughter Crystal Rose.

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