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The story of Kathleen Pleasants & Linda LightDay
How High Vibration Research Started

 This. OK, it's listening. Go ahead. because I do whatever. that's called, right? Whatever those items are, right? What are those items? Medium ship. What's the other one? Talk to the professor. and psychic stuff. and channeling. And you do. Holy shitness. Right. You name three of them. Just write down three of them that you want to become known for. Well, guided out others, guiding others to Wellness Well, I do energy balancing. So you're in energy teacher. I'm an energy teacher. Just name three of them. Whatever they got. I'm a sensitive. I'm a sensitive. So I get information on people. I don't know. My body worker. Yeah, yeah, by massage therapist. Body worker. Uh-huh. It is also a sensitive and an energy healer. Yes So write that down. I did. It's listening to us. Oh, that's so cool. OK, so we came together. and because we came together, we did this study. on that subject. On the study is this subject of wave sent and we used our talents. to learn. and research to our own research on wavefam. And now that you know what it is, you can better publish information. Teach instruct people. That's the story. Do you get it? We just put together the story. Yes, yes Because you have your set and I have my set. We came together and we used our talents to do this research Yes, exactly That's the story of you and I. It's not the story of wave sentence. It's the story of you. And I think we decided it worked so well. that we decided to launch this research channel. Nice. because we could have never come up with the information the history the answers of what we found in that research. We could have never come up to it with ourselves and we couldn't. We couldn't learn it in a practical world. World by doing a search with known things. we could only do that research. by working together. and using our. 5D. Skills. Right. Because we had to reach Professor right. And we had to reach your team. Really. We had to reach your team. Nice. Wasn't my team. And then I was just the translator for your team. And the reason you had a team is you had wished and hoped and dreamed and manifested. as a consciousness. You wanted to have an answer to what you were doing. Right. Isn't that true? And since you wanted an answer for so long. we actually got lucky enough for. professor to pop up and go. I'll do it. I know. Right. And I'll tolerate you. And even the story of both of us. being in transition. Right And at the last of our. the last of our steps of of being able to do this. and sticking to it all the way to the end is real. Wind. That's a win Isn't that a winning story? Oh, absolutely yes. So that's our story together. Nice. I'll clean it up because it's got AI writing. That's a nice story.

A 3D ride of consciousness
Bring yourself on a virtual ride to a Soul Shift through opening and feeling the difference
brain candy for the soul
Become enveloped in the higher vibration and take it away with you into your higher vibration life.
Better sleep, even better than ASMR Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response, with crackly fireplace sounds - out as a research project.

WaveSend is what we teach - High Vibration Intentional Healing - Symphony of Healing - Conducting

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