How to Have a Better Relationship with Your Child in 30 days
...and for a lifetime.

With a remarkable career spanning 36 years in the health and wellness realm, Kathleen Pleasants possesses a deep-seated passion for children. Her unconventional approach to raising her own children reflects this dedication. 

Through extensive interactions with clients, families, and her personal journey in nurturing children, Kathleen has amassed a diverse toolkit that illuminates the intricate dynamics of parenting and family relationships.

Your one-on-one coaching session with Kathleen will be unique and focused on the qualities of your child's personality and needs.

She uses the exact birth time, date and location information to cover the following:
Temperament, unique personality, sleep needs, attention needs, learning style, unique nutrition requirements, and compatibility within the family.

This invaluable information, a rare gem in the realm of parenting, offers profound insights to empower your parenting journey. It's the missing puzzle piece that many seek but seldom find in conventional sources.

You will learn what it takes to develop a deeper understanding and relationship with your child within 30 days, and for a lifetime.

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