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What You'll Find in the Challenge:

Create a Foundation for Change

Set the stage for lasting change by digging deep and gaining clarity on what you really need to work on to finally feel at your peak!

Focus on Food & Fitness

Learn daily practices, simple recipes and exercise (that you can actually use as a busy mom), overhaul your pantry and more!

Elevate Your Environment

Learn how to kick toxicity to the curb in all areas of your life, better manage stress and keep yourself on track for positive change.

Cleansing & Transformation

Kickstart your transformation with a guided 5 day detox, and get your goals in place for taking your transformation to the next level!
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Topics Covered During Your Coaching Experience:

  • Addressing your Environment & Mind
  • Hypnotherapy & Meditation
  • Postural Considerations & Bodywork
  • Energy Balancing Options
  • Handwriting Analysis & Graphology
  • Birth Information for PHS (Primary Health System)
  • Postural Considerations & Bodywork
  • Emotional Freedom
What others are saying...

Hey there! I'm SO glad you found me!

I'm Kathleen. I help people just like yourself regain confidence, energy and live a vibrant life.

I didn't arrive here easily, though.

For years, I had searched for and studied all types of modalities for better health & wellness.... even as I was learning how to integrate more holistic habits into my life, there still felt like there were areas overlooked...

It's the individual approach to your needs, the unique to you, that needs to be addressed in the order that works best for you, and at your own pace.

There is no better time than now to get started in making the changes needed to get yourself back on track. Gain momentum now, not tomorrow or next year, and look back next month... next year to admire the changes!

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