ACIM Guided Daily Meditations Preview
31 Daily Meditations - One for Each ACIM Lesson (1 through 31)
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Introducing an incredible opportunity to embark on a transformative journey with the Course in Miracles lessons - for the month of January!

Immerse yourself in the teachings of this profound spiritual text and experience life-changing results on a regular basis.

No matter what your beliefs are, the Course will take you to that peace that you are looking for.

Imagine starting your day with a heart-opening lesson and then delving even deeper through a guided meditation, allowing the teachings to become an integral part of your being. This daily practice can help you cultivate inner peace, release limiting beliefs, and connect to your true essence.

To provide you with a sneak peek of what awaits you, we are delighted to offer a sample email containing Lesson 1. Each Meditation is custom designed for the lesson of the day.

I read all the text in the book back in 1991 and I started my daily practice in 2020, just before the pandemic was announced. The one thing I found in my practice was it was challenging to remember the lesson for the day. To get the most out of the lessons, it's very helpful to remember the lesson to repeat to yourself, and I kept forgetting it. I feel like these meditations will help the lesson to sink in better, 

The meditation itself is not a repeat of the lesson that you read from the book, but the title repeated and some guidance along with it. Each Meditation is 5 minutes long; take those 5 minutes for yourself each day.

There are 12 Vaults that contain each month's meditations and once you purchase a vault, all of the meditations are available, So, if you have already done the course and have favorite lessons, you can go to those at any time. For 2024, the Vaults will only be available just before the beginning of each month as they are still being produced. In the years following, all of the meditation Vaults will be available immediately for purchase.

Don't miss out on this unparalleled opportunity to embody the transformative power of A Course in Miracles. Sign up today and embark on a path of self-discovery, healing, and spiritual growth that will profoundly impact your life. Join us on this incredible journey and discover the miracles hidden within you.

FREE Meditation Affirmations for A Course In Miracles to support your daily practice:

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Subliminal Messages Looped:
It is fun to do the Course lessons.
My life has opened up to a deep connection with the Holy Spirit.
I remember the Course In Miracles titles easily.
I am able to use the lesson titles everyday.
I look forward to one lesson per day.
I do the lessons in order.
The lessons have changed my life.
They bring me peace & joy.
Enhanced peace & joy is always a part of my day.
I feel more calm and stable.
It is fun to read the full lessons and follow with meditation time and quiet stillness.
I create silent stillness for myself everyday.
I take time to get quiet and listen for guidance at least once per day.
God speaks to me in the silence.
I look inward for my Salvation.
My peace effects everyone equally.
My peace affects the entire world.
I walk through life conscious of Atonement.
I and my brothers and sisters are One.

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Play List:
ACIM Lesson 1 - Nothing I See in this Place means Anything - Music: 1st Created
ACIM Lesson 2 - I have Given Everything I See All the Meaning It Has for Me - Music: Ambient Sky
ACIM Lesson 3 - I Do Not Understand Anything I See - Music: Xylophone
ACIM Lesson 4 - These thoughts Do Not Mean Anything - Music: New Dawn
ACIM Lesson 5 - I Am Never Upset for the Reason I Think - Music: Chakra Music
ACIM Lesson 6 - I Am Upset Because I See Something that is Not There - Music: Pacing
ACIM Lesson 7 - I See Only the Past - Music: Ambient Float
ACIM Lesson 8 - My Mind is Preoccupied with Past Thoughts - Music: 1st Created
ACIM Lesson 9 - I See Nothing as it is Now - Music: Ambient Sky
ACIM Lesson 10 - My Thoughts Do Not Mean Anything - Music: Empowering
ACIM Lesson 11 - My Meaningless Thoughts are Showing Me a Meaningless World - Music: Xylophone
ACIM Lesson 12 - I Am Upset Because I See a Meaningless World - Music: Pacing
ACIM Lesson 13 - A Meaningless World Engenders Fear - Music: I Am Going & Chakra Combo
ACIM Lesson 14 - God Did Not Create a Meaningless World - Music: Feeling Free
ACIM Lesson 15 - My Thoughts are Images that I Have Made - Music: Soft Step
ACIM Lesson 16 - I Have No Neutral Thoughts - Music: Pondering
ACIM Lesson 17 - I See No Neutral Things - Music: Hallows of Depth
ACIM Lesson 18 - I Am Not Alone in Experiencing the Effects of My Seeing - Music: Drifting
ACIM Lesson 19 - I Am Not Alone in Experiencing the Effects of my Thoughts - Music: Twirling
ACIM Lesson 20 - I Am Determined to See - Music: Cosmic
ACIM Lesson 21 - I Am Determined to See Things Differently - Music: Calm
ACIM Lesson 22 - What I See is a Form of Vengeance - Music: Zen
ACIM Lesson 23 - I Can Escape from the World I See by Giving Up Attack Thoughts - Music: Sustain
ACIM Lesson 24 - I Do Not Perceive My Own Best Interests - Music: Reestablished
ACIM Lesson 25 - I Do Not Know What Anything is for - Music: A Nice Day Stroll
ACIM Lesson 26 - My Attack Thoughts Are Attacking My Invulnerability - Music: It's All in the Timing
ACIM Lesson 27 - Above All Else I Want to See - Music: End of Day
ACIM Lesson 28 - Above All Else I Want to See Things Differently - Music: Bird in Flight
ACIM Lesson 29 - God is in Everything I See - Music: Twirling
ACIM Lesson 30 - God is in Everything I See because God is in My Mind - Music: Tapping
ACIM Lesson 31 - I Am Not the Victim of the World I See - Music: Gliding

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