Wave-Send Testimonials 

I was skeptical of distance work, but I feel a lot better.  : ) The slowing of the racing triggered mind is the best!
Michelle C.

I have been receiving these treatments since 2012 and, for me, in the beginning I can feel my cells lighting up and getting excited. It takes a little while, but at the end of the first segment my body completely relaxes. This is some pretty amazing stuff.
Lillian K.

At one point I felt like I was being lifted up, I felt very light. I noticed that my mind had cleared, I wasn't really thinking anything.
Paul L.

My back, which usually has issues, feels more fluid, not choppy, with happy nerve endings.
Ever since my second session my eyes have cleared up.
Rebecca R.

Felt like a 2-hour massage. Emotionally I felt super calm, not my norm.
I feel calmer and more clear about my decisions. I know what I want to do without hesitation.

I still feel my hands tingling from that session.

I had a spinal injury that had been bothering me for months, with only one session my pain was gone. It hasn't come back.
Joy S.

If you know someone who needs this, but wouldn't be able to use Zoom, or would prefer silence and maybe rest for a while afterwards, the treatment will be sent to them as well as long as a Session was purchased for them under their name.
It's very important that we have your name for the WaveSend Live. If we don't have your name, you will not receive the treatment.
Join us and try it for yourself.
You need to purchase the Zoom Session you want at least 10 minutes before the start time.

If you want more consistent treatments on a regular basis, there is a Membership area where you can receive 4 Sessions per month, with a further discount and be part of a discussion group.

New WaveSend Dates Coming Soon